Wellness Programs

The following sessions & coaching programs are facilitated by Lotus Studio owner Carrie Konyha and can be arranged as private, semi private and private group sessions at the studio. Call/Text  Carrie at (480) 748-1671 to discuss your interests or schedule and appointment. Please visit Carries wellness website at www.SoulWisdomWellness.com for full details on all offerings

Carrie Konyha,  E-RYT, YACEP
33 years of experience specializing in guiding people on paths of personal growth and spiritual awakening as a professional psychic, spiritual guide, shamanic healing practitioner and yogini offering psychic insight, spiritual  guidance, transformational coaching, spiritual development courses, integrative energy healing therapies & guided yoga practice.

Please visit Carries wellness website at www.SoulWisdomWellness.com for full details on all offerings or call/text (480)748-1671


“Being born gifted with the ability to naturally sense & experience the world of energy & spirit, my dedication to my path of awakening began as a young child. I have studied with many master spiritual teachers throughout my life, spanning many spiritual philosophies and traditions including the teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz, Deepak Chopra, Paramahansa Yogananda, Greg Braden, Ted Andrews, Hamza Yusuf, Ihsan Torabi and many others.  I have an Associates Degree in Metaphysical Arts & Sciences and decades of specialized training in the areas of spiritual development, intuitive development, meditation, shamanic healing therapies & yogic philosophy. I brings a lifetime of personal experience as a spiritual devotee & a wellspring of universal spiritual teachings to each session I facilitate”.

“My life path is connected to empowering others to embody their fully healed, fully awakened, pure soul essence & life path potential. I leverage my spiritual gifts & heart wisdom to facilitate empowered transformation & to activate the awakening of consciousness in those who are guided to connect with me”.


Psychic Reading / Spiritual Insight Session
$120 / 1 hr
Psychic readings are a powerful modality for facilitating deep clarity, personal healing and spiritual awakening! Receive psychic insight and spiritual guidance that gets you back on track

Meditation Training
$95 / 1 hr private session
Meditation is the starting point of ALL spiritual growth and personal development work. This session teaches the essentials in meditation and developing a meditation practice of your own.

Private Yoga Class
$95 /1.5hrs
Experience a mindfully sequenced guided yoga practice with a focus on pranayama, asana, meditation and proper alignment. Im a certified yoga instructor, registered with the Yoga Alliance.

Sacred Feminine Dance
$155 / 1.5hrs
a privately arranged group workshop that leads participants thru the essentials of Sacred Feminine Dance as a healing practice supporting holistic wellbeing and spiritual connection.

Spiritual Awakening Tools and Fundamentals
$120 / 1 hr session
For those embracing the inner journey of personal development & spiritual awakening. Discover essential tools & practices for personal growth & spiritual development perfectly aligned with your goals

Spiritual Awakening Program
$444 / 4 sessions
Emersion program for individuals & groups that guides participants thru essential techniques & practices for spiritual awakening, expanded intelligence & conscious living.

Paradigm Shift
$120 / 1 hr session
This session guides you thru 4 specific techniques proven to transform whatever subconscious beliefs have been sabotaging your your happiness & your ability to manifest your goals & dreams.

Holistic Happiness Coaching Program
$444 / 4 sessions
Rooted in yogic philosophies and practices for holistically healthy wellbeing, this program guides you thru processes that supports the achievement of your happiness and wellness goals

Life Empowerment Soul Coaching Program
$444 / 4 sessions
Define clear objectives & goals, Learn essential practices for self development, Clear limiting beliefs, triggers & blocks to happiness, learn techniques for increasing confidence. experience success
Shamanic Breathwork
$195 / 2 hr session
Experience deep healing as you expand into the deepest, most empowered aspects of yourself, awakening to your own inner shaman. Activate clarity, evolutionary wellbeing and creativity.
Shamanic Soul Retrieval
$155 / 1.5 hr
Experience deep healing & reunion with your fully empowered self as you are guided on a journey back to the roots of your pure, original connection with your self & the divine, reclaiming wholeness.
Chakra Energy Renewal
$120 /hr private session
Restore balance to the energy body thru the use of vibrational therapies such as sound therapy, aromatherapy, crystal energy, breathwork and Reiki energy
Healers Toolbox
$444 / 4 sessions
an emersion program for wellness practitioners that guides participants thru integrative healing arts modalities that broaden the scope and depth of their private practice offerings.
Psychic Development Program
$444 / 4 sessions
an emersion program fro individuals and groups that guides participants thru the essential tools and practices for developing your intuitive intelligence as a life path navigation tool
Mastering the Art of Psychic Reading
$444/ 4 sessions
an advanced course for intuitive healers who are already connected to their psychic senses & are ready to fine tune their psychic skills and master the art of psychic reading.