Schedule & Pricing

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 (Summer Course Descriptions)

5:45p Bellydance Basics for Beginners  (starts 7/9) – Carrie

9:30a Belly-Bolly Flow Dance Fitness (open to drop-in)   – Alba
5:45p Beyond Basics Bellydance (level 2) (starts 7/10) –Carrie
7:00p Tribal Bellydance (level 2) (starts 7/10) –Carrie

8:30a – Kundalini Yoga “Kriyas for Health (starts 7/11) – Kymberley
5:45p Bellydance Basics for Beginners  (starts 7/11)  – Carrie 
7:00p Golden Era Bellydance (level 3) (starts 7/11)  – Carrie 
7:00p Modern Egyptian Bellydance (level 3) (starts 8/8) – Carrie 

5:45p Sugar & Spice Bellydance Fitness (all levels/open to drop-in) – Carrie
7:00p Beginners Afro-Cuban/Afro-Brazilian Dance – Lisa

9:00a Vinyasa Yoga (all levels/open to drop-in) – Carrie
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8:30a Kundalini Yoga – Morning Sadhana w Gong (starts 7/14) -Kymberley
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10:00-11:30a White Lotus Performance Rehearsal – Carrie
12p-1:30 Ecstatic Dance $10 drop in – Amalia
5:00p-6:30p Ballet Basics for Adults  – Rachel

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Lotus Studio ‘ALL ACCESS Pass’ Pricing
Visitors Welcome! Gain access to all classes at Lotus Studio!

*If you want to take just Bellydance/Nia/Tai Chi/Yoga etc. please sign up directly with the teacher instructing the classes you are interested in rather than purchasing the ‘All Access’ Lotus Studio pass. See contact info on Instructors page

All access passes are for weekly classes only & cannot be used for special workshops/events. Non-transferable. Non-refundable. Please register responsibly. Visitors welcome.

Bellydance Courses (8-weeks)  $99 (1x wk) or $175 (2x wk)
All Access 5 class card /$59
All Access 10 class card/$99
All Access 4 week unlimited/$135
1 week unlimited all access /$59
drop in/$16 (pay at the door)

Cash/Check/Debit/Credit accepted at studio