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Beginners Classical Bellydance
designed in 8 week course format taught sequencially (each class builds on the previous) Class teaches foundational bellydance moves, steps, turns, spins and short, basic finger cymbal instruction and easy to follow dance combinations so students are learning to actually dance with the moves taught in authentic bellydance form. Students typically stay in this class for up to a year before testing into higher levels. Students earn their “Bellydance Foundations” certification by completing 8 consecutive weeks of class and students completing 16 weeks of consecutive classes earn their “Experienced Beginners” certification.

Beginners Tribal Bellydance 
8 week course format. Tribal Bellydance (also called ITS) is a modern, fusion style of bellydance that blends the traditional dances of the middle east with dances of india and other related dances with the primary characteristic being that of group improvisation performances. Dancers in this style study a specific movement vocabulary (slow/fluid and fast/percussive moves, steps, spins, turns) with built in ‘cues’ that serve as a method of communication among dancers that bring cohesion to improvised group performances. Basic finger cymbal playing instruction included. Students typically stay in this class for up to a year before testing into higher levels. Students earn their “Bellydance Foundations” certification by completing 8 consecutive weeks of class and students completing 16 weeks of consecutive classes earn their “Experienced Beginners” certification.

Sugar and Spice Bellydance a Holistic BellyDance Fitness class. Get your mind | body | spirit glisten & glow on!  All Levels Welcome. Inclusive & accessible. Class includes isometric Ballet Barre exercises, an exhilarating flow of feminine bellydance movements that provide a total body workout and a luxurious yogic cool down all to exotic world beats sure to elevate & inspire your spirit. Develop your bellydance skills in a holistic dance fitness format that supports & celebrates holistic feminine personal development..

Belly-Bolly Flow Inclusive, accesible, sacred, sexy and FUN!
A fabulous new fusion fitness class drawing from the music and dance influences of the East.  Inspired by Bellydance, Bollywood, Indian Classical dance and Yoga, BellyBolly Flow is a sweaty, sacred and sensual celebration of movement for women.

Intermediate Classical Bellydance
8 weeks course format teaches intermediate level moves, steps, turns spins in addition to musicality awareness, dance choreographies, dancing with Veil & zills. Intermediate proficiency testing/certification is offered to students completing a minimum of 1 year of consistent attendance in intermediate classes.

Intermediate Tribal Bellydance
16 week course format, Dancers learn intermediate Tribal dance combinations as they are learning methods for Group formations and dance transitions in addition to intermediate level finger cymbal playing. Intermediate proficiency testing/certification is offered to students completing a minimum of 1 year of consistent attendance in intermediate classes.

Advanced  Bellydance
Advanced bellydance (classical & tribal) techniques, choreographies & theories are taught in workshop and weekend intensive format.


BarreBody – This 50 minute class offers the best of Ballet Barre fitness body sculpting

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance Sedona is a community gathering for people who love to Dance held every Sunday 12-1.30pm

A free-style, free-form of dance and movement that is guided by the music, your body, mind and spirit to freely express yourself. Creating a field of acceptance and openness which gives you permission and courage to dance without inhibition, freeing yourself and allowing your inner wild to come out and have fun.

For some this is a spiritual practice, for others a dance gym, or a mental/emotional release and for others a space to drop into their heart.

Enjoy a safe and inspiring space to move to amazing music and feel the connectedness of your dance family.

Guidelines: To respect each others space:

1. Refrain from talking on the dance floor (you can talk off-floor outside)
2. This is a drug & alcohol & smoke-free, environment
3. No photos/videos, cellphones muted and out of sight
4. Care/Awareness for the space and each other
5. Move your body however you wish
6. Respect one anothers space, you can dance with others as you feel (if you would rather not dance with someone thank them with a gesture of hands in prayer position at your heart (Namaste)
7. Refrain from perfumes and scents along with body hygeine in regard for others.

No experience is needed, only a willingness to allow yourself a deeper experience through the embodiment of your aliveness and passion and let the music guide you on your inner journey.

Interpretive Dance

Classical Ballet & Jazz technique with studies in interpretive movement inspired by modern dance genres . The class begins with a combination of ballet and jazz techniques and will flow into a very intuitive space of intuitively inspired interpretive movement and discussion on what your body is sharing and how to empower yourself with confidence in your movements and body.


Blossom & Breath : Restorative w Healing Meditation for Women
Restorative yoga for deep nourishment and healing meditation for women.There’s nothing to fix, or solve, or get rid of in this Tantra non -dual meditation, restorative practice. Restorative yoga is for all women and an antidote to anxious or tense, tired and on-the-go bodies! 

You will  be held in sacred, safe feminine space, supported with instruction in yoga poses of renewal, just for a women’s body and mind to access healing breath, find inner nourishment and release any tension. 
 From this place of ease, you learn to trust and open to your heart’s  true joy and peace through guided iRest yoga nidra. 
 Each healing session will allow you to access the inner goddess for replenishment and to what truly matters for you in your life.

Candlelight Deep Stretch
Candlelight Deep Stretch Yoga is an accessible, open level, community class that benefits everyone from athletes, advanced practitioners, weekend warriors, first time yogi’s and everyone in between. In this class we practice focused stretching which allows muscles to relax and lengthen, puting less strain on the skeletal system, reducing tension in the body. Classes are mindfully sequenced to target the deep connective tissues of the body and the fascia that covers the body; supporting a regulated flow of energy in the body; promoting relaxation and deeper sleep.
Come as you are! Each class offers instruction in asana, pranayama, meditation with a focus on alignment and embodied presence, all in the theme of healing & integrating mind, body, spirit. 

Embodiment Flow Vinyasa Yoga – 1 hr vinyasa yoga class mindfully sequenced and guided to support students in opening to the flow of prana in the physical and energy bodies and to embody divine presence within as we practice awakened presence.

Empowerment Flow Vinyasa Yoga – a 1 hr flowing yoga practice with elements of interval training interspersed throughout a dynamic sequence of asana practiced as a dynamic flow from one pose to the next. Each movement in the series is cued by an inhalation or an exhalation of the breath. Offers students grounded in the fundamentals of yogic asana a space to develop a stronger & deeper practice. Develops core strength and flexibility as you burn calories, detox the body / mind and exhilarate your spirit  Drop in friendly. Variations offered for mixed level classes.

Hatha Yoga – This class combines pranayama (breathwork) with asana(yogic poses) & meditation with a focus on alignment. These classes are 75 minutes long and great for beginners and experienced yogis who what to fine tune their practice. Drop in friendly. All levels welcome

Kundalini Yoga
Practice journeying the inner prana..focus the energy..manifest.. Kundalini Yoga is an ancient technology that teaches you the art of relaxation, self-healing & elevation. Balancing the body and mind enables you to experience the clarity and beauty of your soul. No previous experience in yoga is required for you to achieve results with your very first class.
Each class includes warm-ups, breathing techniques (pranayam), an exercise set (kriya), deep relaxation, chanting, and meditation. Experience yourself deeply and notice a transformation towards physical strength, heightened awareness, mental clarity, and happiness.
Saturday 830am Morning Sadhana with gong bath..slow gentle accommodating and modifiable..
Wednesdays 830am kriyas series for health building,,brain nervous system lungs intestines kidneys magnetic field

Transcendental Yoga – a profound spiritual experience. Activating all senses, while practicing a semi-heated holistic asana. You will be bathed in Vibrational Music, Essence and Multi-dimensional colored atmosphere. The physical practice is a Deep Holistic semi-heated practice. Holding the poses longer for deeper healing work.
All levels are welcome.


5 classes/$59, 10 classes/$99
all access monthly unlimited/$135
1 week unlimited all access /$59
1 year unlimited All Access/ $1485 (30 days free)

Cash/Check/Debit/Credit accepted at studio